1st interactive conference on environment, health and zero waste in Slovakia

24th November 2018 in Komárno

Together, let’s support the edification and spreading the idea of the conference “Live Consciously”.

Why the conference arose?

According to the World Health Organization, bad environment is responsible for about 25% of the overall health problems in the European region. The greatest proportion of diseases is caused by the pollution of water, soil, air and excessive waste production.

The aim of the conference is to introduce problems and find solutions in the field of environment, health and waste management through environmental decision-making and responsible individual behavior towards oneself, environment and life. It is a conscious way for sustainable and healthier life.

Together, let's improve the quality of environment in Slovakia and reduce its negative impacts on human health.


Speakers and professionals from the field of health service, education, healthy- lifestyle, health-support and the Zero Waste movement will inspire us during the "Live Consciously" event.


The purpose of the conference is to inform and spread edification. The program is designed to benefit families, students, pedagogues and the general public. It focuses on the topics of education in the field of healthcare, environment and zero waste. The program is with discussions lead by lecturers on topics and issues that concern us all.





What includes the idea of living consciously? Why to live consciously?


9:15 – Let’s project our health in every environment: how to achieve sustainable solutions for an ecological and healthy life?

Benefits of quality soil – Diana Kušická / VÍNO NATURAL Domin & Kušický s.r.o.

Food quality is closely linked to agriculture. Diana Kusicka will explain us, how we can contribute to the protection of the soil by proper management and to ensure the cultivation of healthy crops essential to us. We will discuss how the soil is connected with the health of our children and how we can use it rationally.

Pure water, a healthy body – Lucia Olívia Ďurčová Mgr./ Za našu Vodu

According to the latest findings, to more than 5,000 inhabitants of the Žitný ostrov flowed water from the water tap that contained a harmful pesticide. Žitný ostrov is the largest reservoir of drinking water in Central Europe and one of the most fertile agricultural areas in Slovakia. What is the effect of drinking water contamination on human health and what can an individual do to ensure that the water flowing from his water tap is clean and healthy? Dusan Velic will focus on this topic.

The tradition of permaculture and its use – MVDr. Zuzana Hamranová / Permakultúra SK

Zuzana Hamranova with a wealth of knowledge about plant life will bring us closer to the design of your health in nature and will point to the tradition of permaculture as one of the possible solutions for achieving harmony between man and nature. We will approach the use of permaculture, what are the benefits to health and how we can apply it in a city or village.


Break 10:15


11:15– Healthcare otherwise: how can we change our health with our decisions?

Everyday behaviour support in favour of health – PhDr. , Mgr. Petra Vadovičová, PHD. / Union of nutritionists and supporters of a healthy lifestyle / Zdravýživka

Most of the daily consumption products hide a chemical cocktail harmful to our and our children’s health. We will inspire to change our buying behaviour in favour of health quality. In this lecture, we will learn about the facts hidden in everyday consumer products, where is a hidden danger for our health.

Herbal guide on the way to health – Veronika Repková / HERBÁRIUM

How and where can herbs accompany us throughout our lives? How the body, the bathroom, and the kitchen can get rid of chemistry, a skilled herbalist will tell us. She will show us her own way of how we can recover the ability of self-healing with the support of herbal assistants and not interfere with the development of immunity chemically. In the lecture we will look for alternatives and possibilities of natural care for the body at all ages.

Mistakes in our food – Bc. Zdena Havettová / It’s about your health / Nutritionist, lector

What we eat affects our health and inner comfort. Which are the most common myths and eating mistakes? What is a healthy diet? When are the wrongly prepared vegetables harmful? What are the symptoms on our body resulting from the bad diet, what foods hurt us and what nourishes? We will look for answers to these questions together.

Disorders of modern times and consequences of overconsumption – Jaroslav Blaško / Author of the project The Borrowed Planet

We did not inherit our planet from our fathers, we borrowed it from our children. How we manage it and raise future generations also affects biodiversity. Which are the most common mistakes of overconsumption of modern times? How does it affect the protection of the environment and our health? How to ensure sustainable development? How can we live our lives so that we do not threaten the existence of future generations?


Lunch- 13:00

Break – 14:00


14:30 – Life without waste: What can we do today to help reduce waste?

Benefits and advantages of zero waste – Branislav Moňok / Priatelia Zeme o.z. (Friends of the Earth)

At first glance, the idea of “zero waste” may seem like a utopian dream. In reality, however, this goal is not only achievable, but is necessary nowadays. What is the popularity of the “zero waste” movement and what benefits it brings, you will get to know during the lecture of Branislav Monok.

How to sort waste – Mgr. Katarína Kretter / Envipak.sk a.s.

Although in various surveys the inhabitants of Slovakia declare that the waste from their households is being sorted, analyses say that up to 77 percent of the waste ends on dumps, including commodities that they have nothing to do there. An expert from the field of waste management will tell you that the waste separation is easy, how to sort the waste properly and why is it so important.

Food wastage – Ing. Silvia Kuzmová / What healthy children eat, Lector of Nutrition of children, pregnant and nursing women courses / Peaceful birth

During the lecture Silva Kuzmova will talk about how we can contribute with the food to our health and zero waste at the same time. She will explain how and why to cook from the basic raw ingredients and how to use gifts of nature for health and support zero waste. She also focuses on the community character of shopping as a tool for health support, ecology and sustainable development.

Minimalism as a solution – Andrea Richardson / I am minimalist

Do minimalism and zero-waste have something in common? For many people this sounds like a complete contradiction. We will focus on the basic principles of minimalism in housing, why is the ordering of untidiness just a waste of money, and how our environment indirectly affects the state of our mind. You will learn how to handle the chaos at home and get more time for your kids. Is less really more, and how to achieve it?


Break – 16:00


16:30 – How to live without waste in everyday life?

Life without waste – Ing. Petra Slezáková / Zero Waste Slovakia

Is it possible to take out your trash only once in a quarter of a year? During the lecture Petra Slezakova will reveal you specific tricks and tips how to solve the problems of everyday life in the zero waste style in Slovak household conditions, where to shop, how to avoid waste and what we can do for it.

Life without waste in Austria – Dipl. Ing. Helene Pattermann / Zero Waste Austria

Instead of waiting for miracles from large corporations and politicians, it emphasizes on the individual. The zero waste movement in conditions of functioning of Austria will be introduced by the founder of the movement in Austria.

Life without waste in New York – Laura Baross / Design w Care and Zero Waste Interiors , Zero Waste Living in New York

Laura graduated from the famous Pratt Institute in New York in design. Today she works as an interior designer and successful eco blogger in New York City. During the lecture she will talk about her way to zero waste as well as the use of eco products, natural and recycled materials in interior design.

Conclusion – 18:00


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