It’s (not)worth to LiveConsciously

It’s (not)worth to LiveConsciously

We more or less all begin to feel problems of environmental neglect and everything that is related to it. It’s not anymore just about plastic bottles and bags, but about the global need to solve many environmental problems and their impact on our health. If we now decide to wait and rely on the change from above, we will go as far as our education, where it is decided non-systematically and without listening to experts. If we do not get on a running train, we turn our back on it, leaving only our eyes crying. Well, ours maybe not, but certainly our children’s. However, no one has a magic wand to reverse the long-term environmental breakdown. You have to start from yourself, even though it sometimes seems like running on long tracks.

In order not to be alone, we will bring to your attention the 1st year of

the interactive LiveConsciously conference, which is coming directly to Komarno on November 24th, 2018 and its organizer is the Human Health Institute (HHI).

The aim of the conference is to introduce problems and find solutions to the environment, health and waste management, environmental decision-making and responsible behavior towards oneself, to the environment and to life. It is a conscious way for a sustainable, healthier life. You have a unique opportunity to be inspired by lectures, workshops, discussions with professionals from the field of health, education, healthy lifestyle and Zero Waste, or local growers and manufacturers. You will learn more about our environment and its elements: soil, air, water and permaculture, and why these elements are vital for us and how to protect them. You will be acquainted with the right lifestyle, the healthy exercise, current risks that threaten us and, of course, what we should do to be more fit and lead a happier life. And we believe that you will not miss even the topic of zero waste, where you will learn more about how to eliminate waste and not produce it.

However, the aim of the conference is not only adult but also children enlightenment. Therefore, do not hesitate and bring your children, a rich program in the children’s zone, covered by experts, educators and students, awaits them. Even the smallest participants will learn in a playful manner about all the topics of the conference. Through their experience, attending workshops, games, and various activities, they will be able to create a positive relationship to the environment, but also to health, because they will not miss the theatrical character Zdravyzivka.

All information about the conference, lecturers and the program can be found on the following pages: